My name is Nick LaLone. I am a PhD Candidate in Information Sciences and Technology at Pennsylvania State University and Director of the Undergraduate Program in Game Studies at Bellevue University. My background, my specialty, surrounds the translation of human action to digital spaces.

My dissertation, tentatively titled The Spaces Within, explores how social networks, behaviors, strategies, and communication styles change as one moves from a human-centered interaction to a digitally-centered, affordances mediated interaction.

I have been teaching online via Blackboard, Google+, and WordPress for quite some time. I have found Google + to be an excellent tool to educate students about privacy, community development, and content sharing. In addition, I have been producing a Youtube-based video podcast as a means through which to teach my students about video production, game production, and fandom.

Teamwork Podcast

As an academic, I have grown up online. Much of my early work and career trajectory can be traced from the day I received a copy of Bruno Latour’s Reassembling the Social until I began to work on my dissertation. While much of this work is crude, my scratch blog has provided me with enormous opportunity through which to chronicle my own development.

Before Game Design

Recent Changes to my Portfolio